先生のための夏休み経済教室(中学):Summertime Economic Seminar for Teachers (Middle School) [Report]

「先生のための夏休み経済教室」in 東京(中学校):1日目
"Summertime Economic Seminar for Teachers" @Tokyo (Middle School): Day 1
場所:東京証券取引所・東証ホール; Place: Tokyo Stock Exchange, Tosho Hall
参加者:中学の教員を中心に100名以上; Participants: More than 100 teachers
プログラム: Program:
10:00-10:10 東証の挨拶と司会・三枝利多教諭:Greetings & Moderator (Mr. Saegusa)
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セッション1:教科書で教える経済の仕組み:Economic Mechanism in Textbooks
10:10-12:00 篠原総一教授(Prof. Shinohara)と質疑の様子(Q&A with Participants)
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セッション2:経済と経済教育:The Economy and Economic Education
13:00-14:30 吉川洋教授(Prof. Yoshikawa)と会場の様子(Participants)
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14:40-16:10:証券史料ホール見学・株式模擬売買体験(Securities Archives Hall Tour and Stock Trading Simulation)
16:20-17:20:懇親会・情報交換会(Networking Party)


Summertime Economic Seminar for Teachers (Middle School) - Day 1 Summary:
A summertime seminar in economics for middle school teachers was held by Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) in cooperation with the Network for Economic Education at TSE’s Tosho Hall in Tokyo on August 9. The seminar, on the first day, was opened with a welcoming remark by a representative of the TSE group and also by Mr. Toshikazu Saegusa (Megura Chuo Middle School) as the moderator.
In Session 1 (10:10-12:00), Prof. Soichi Shinohara (Doshisha University) gave a talk on "Economic Mechanism in Textbooks" where he emphasized the importance of understanding the economic mechanism of social institutions and activities with “division of labor” in production and “exchange” in the market as the key concepts in the economic mechanism. Then, he outlined a “firm” model, where the mechanism of production, division of labor and exchange can be understood easily and realistically by middle school students.
In Session 2 (13:00-14:30), Prof. Hiroshi Yoshikawa (University of Tokyo) made a presentation on "The Economy and Economic Education," where he maintained that the economic way of thinking, rather than economic terminology, should be taught, and that the market economy would certainly be better than socialism in terms of efficiency and innovation, but equity in income distribution might remain to be an unresolved issue in the market economy. He also talked about the worsening fiscal problem and the delay in economic globalization in Japan.
In both sessions, some participants asked “good” (difficult) questions about scientific results in economics, negative effects of globalization, and the need for inflation to deal with government debt. These questions seemed to indicate that the participants were eager to learn more advanced economic analyses and results than those just for middle school students.
After the lecture sessions, the participants took a tour in TSE’s Securities Archives Hall and joined a stock trading simulation. Finally, they participated in a network party for information exchange.
For the 2-day program of the Summertime Economic Seminar (Middle School) in Tokyo, see the following:
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