Prof. Walter Mok's Class at CUHK in Hong Kong: 香港中文大学でのモク教授のクラス [Report]

Prof. Walter Mok's Class at CUHK in Hong Kong: 香港中文大学でのモク教授のクラス

Date/Time: April 20 (W), 2016, 6:45-9:45pm: 日時:4月20日(水)18:45-21:45
Place: Business School at CUHK: 場所:香港中文大学ビジネススクール
Lecturer: Prof. Walter Mok: 講師:ウォルター・モク教授
Class: "Startup - from Idea to Reality": クラス「スタートアップ:アイデアから現実へ」

Prof. Mok's Class in Cheng Yu Tung Bldg at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
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"In the West, especially in Silicon Valley, investors like venture capitalists often help startup entrepreneurs succeed as advisers or mentors, while investors in the East just sit and wait to be paid back successfully by the startup companies that they invest in," commented by Prof. Walter Mok, when he took up a statement "Don't befriend your VCs" in the video of Guy Kawasaki's lecture on "Top Ten Mistakes of Entrepreneurs" shown at the beginning of his class at CUHK.
That kind of useful suggestions and discussions took place in his very creative and interactive class "Startup - from Idea to Reality" attended by about 40 students, who seemed eager to be successful entrepreneurs themselves.
As Prof. Mok himself is an active scientist and entrepreneur, affiliated with Stanford University, he could give any kind of information and advise that those students need to start their own business in HK or elsewhere.
In fact, CUHK Business School seems quite eager to connect with Silicon Valley, as evidenced by a joint activity like the "EYE (Empowering Young Entrepreneurs) Program" between its Center for Entrepreneurship and Google to boost HK's startups:
For Dr. Walter Mok's background, see the following:
(Reported by Takahiro Miyao)
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