UCLA Sculpture Garden/Botanical Garden:UCLA彫刻公園・植物園 [写真]

UCLA Sculpture Garden/Botanical Garden:UCLA彫刻公園・植物園

Franklin Murphy Sculpture Garden:マーフィー彫刻公園
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"The Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden is one of the most comprehensive sculpture gardens in the United States......founded in 1967. It spans more than five acres and currently has more than 70 international sculptures, by figural and abstract artists........" (Wikipedia)
Mildred Mathias Botanical Garden:マシアス植物園
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"UCLA's botanical garden was started as an academic laboratory shortly after the Westwood, Los Angeles campus opened in 1929...... In the 1960s, garden director Mildred E. Mathias, who oversaw the garden from 1956–74, helped to develop it into the 'university garden'......" (Wikipedia)

YouTube Video Lectures (T. Miyao): YouTubeビデオ集(宮尾尊弘) [アナウンス]

YouTube Video Lectures (T. Miyao): YouTubeビデオ集(宮尾尊弘)

Lectures in Economics (in English): (経済の講義:英語)

1. "Future of Asia" (Lecture by T. Miyao@USC)

2. "On Thomas Piketty" (T. Miyao with Prof. Comanor)

3. "Japan's Economic Revival" (T. Miyao with Prof. Comanor)