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経済教育ワークショップ (1日目):Economic Education Workshop (Day 1) [Report]

"Network for Economic Education" holds a workshop in Tokyo (Day1: 11/11)
Participants: About 30 middle/high school teachers & specialists
プログラム: Program:
9:45-10:00 挨拶: Opening Address

挨拶する篠原総一氏(Soichi Shinohara)と会場の風景(Participants)
10:00-12:00 経済の授業内容:Economics Course Content

プレゼンする新井明氏(Akira Arai)とコメントする猪瀬武則氏(Takenori Inose)
13:00-15:30 モデル授業:シミュレーション: Model Lecture: Simulation

活動型授業をする三枝利多氏(T. Saegusa)とコメントする藤井宏樹氏(Hiroki Fujii)
15:45-17:00 教育課程と経済教育:School Education and Economics

文部科学省視学官の大杉昭英氏(Akihide Ohsugi)


Workshop (Day 1) Summary:
On the first day of the two-day workshop, Mr. Shoichi Shinohara (Doshisha Univ.) gave an introductory address by saying that "we will try to organize various efforts on economic education for supporting all teachers in this field, and would like to proceed by listening to your opinions and suggestions."
In the morning session "Economics Course Content," Mr. Akira Arai (Tokyo Nishi High) pointed out the importance of teaching economic viewpoints and approaches, and emphasized the usefulness of practical games as those in the textbook "How to Turn Lemons into Money" by actually conducting a prisoners' dilemma-type game involving the workshop participants. Mr. Takenori Inose (Hirosaki Univ.) commented on Mr. Arai's presentation by offering a comprehensive framework for discussions on economic education in general, and argued that "objectives, contents and methods" for economic education should be considered in a systematic way.
In the next session "Model Lecture: Simulation," Mr. Toshita Saegusa (Meguro Chuo Middle School) explained how to make use of the well-known "Beef Rice Bowl Shop Simulation" in class, where the workshop participants actually formed a small group to simulate the opening of a beef rice bowl shop. Mr. Hiroki Fujii (Doshisha Kori Middle/High) pointed out the limitation of such simulation and the difficulty of evaluation for economic education, leading to a lively discussion among the participants.
In the final session of the first day, "School Education and Economics," Mr. Akihide Ohsugi (Education Ministry) explained the official stance regarding economic education in the Ministry's "Course of Study," and maintained that economic education should be interpreted broadly so as to be considered in the context of overall school education.
Throughout today's sessions, the sense of crisis among those teachers who are struggling to teach economic subjects could be felt, and it was pointed out that various gaps and overlaps in economic education should be eliminated to have consistent curricula for elementary/middle/high schools. It was also suggested that the Network for Economic Education should help develop good teaching materials to support those teachers who lack necessary training for economic education. As far as the first day is concerned, the workshop seemed quite meaningful and helpful for the participants.
For a detailed program on the two-day workshop, see the following;

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