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経済教育ワークショップ(2日目):Economic Education Workshop (Day 2) [Report]

"Network for Economic Education" Workshop in Tokyo (Day 2: 11/12)
Participants: About 20 middle/high school teachers & specialists
プログラム: Program:
9:30-11:00 「学」と「産」からの提言: Ideas from Academia and Business

「学」の大竹文雄氏(Fumio Otake)と「産」の浅野雅樹(Masaki Asano)
11:15-12:00 経済時事問題解説:Key Words in Economic News

司会の野間敏克氏(T. Noma)とプレゼンする熊谷直次氏(Naoji Kumagai)
13:00-15:00 実践報告: Class Practice Reports

丹松美代志氏(Miyoshi Tanmatsu)と川瀬雅之氏(Masayuki. Kawase)

河原和之氏(Kazuyuki Kawahara)と会場風景(Audience)
15:00-16:30 全体討論と閉会挨拶:Open Discussion & Conclusion

総括する猪瀬武則氏(T. Inose)と閉会の挨拶をする大竹文雄氏(F. Otake)


Workshop (Day 2) Summary:
In the first session of the second day, there were some teaching ideas presented from academia and business. Mr. Fumio Otake (Osaka Univ.) pointed out that "methods to avoid waste"and "systems to make people work diligently" should be taught in economic education for middle/high school students, and to study jobs and salaries might be quite effective in attracting students' attention. And Mr. Masaki Asano (Nomura Research Institute) emphasized "communication skills" as a key element for human resource development in business as well as "visions" and "missions" as motivating factors for future prospects.
In the next session "Key Words in Economic News," Mr. Naoji Kumagai (Nomura Research Institute) explained the word "CSR" (Corporate Social Responsibility) with multiple meanings in various dimensions in Japan. Afterwards, some questions were raised as to whether the definition of CSR in Japan is too wide and what "School Social Responsibility" would mean.
In the afternoon session "Class Practice Reports," three teachers presented their practice in class: (1) Mr. Miyoshi Tanmatsu (Ikeda-shi Hosokawa Middle School) reported on students' activities to help revitalize their neighborhood business district as part of a "Business Practice Course." (2) Mr. Masayuki Kawase (Sapporo-shi Asahigaoka High School) explained a "Consumer Education Course" with team teaching to develop appropriate teaching materials for middle and high school students based on their experience and/or their interest. (3) Mr. Kazuyuki Kawahara (Higashi Osaka-shi Education Center) took up a number of topics that interest students as daily affairs in their real life, and explained how to motivate students to learn in class by showing a video on his actual classes.
In the final session "Open Discussion," Mr. Takenori Inose (Hirosaki Univ.) summarized various issues discussed regarding economic eductaion, and many participants expressed their appreciation for information exchange and human interaction at the two-day workshop. Then, Mr. Fumio Otake (Osaka Univ.) gave the closing address, in which he emphasized the role of the Network for Economic Education for problem sharing, practical knowledge sharing, teaching material development, online and offline information exchange, etc., leading to future prospects for the Network.
For a detailed program on the two-day workshop, see the following;

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