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Opportunity Conference 2016@CUHK: 香港中文大学でのコンファレンス2016 [Report]

Opportunity Conference 2016@CUHK: 香港中文大学でのコンファレンス2016

Date/Time: April 23 (Sat), 2016, 1:30-7:00pm: 日時:4月23日(土)13:30-19:00
Place: Cheng Yu Tung Building, CUHK: 場所:香港中文大学Cheng Yu Tungビル
Organizer: Business School at CUHK: 主催:香港中文大学ビジネススクール
Theme: HK: Hub of Innovation in Asia: テーマ:香港;アジアのイノベーション・ハブ

Opening Remarks: 14:00 - 14:10
Prof. Jeff YEUNG, Director, MSc, Info & Tech Mgmt, and Dept of DSME, CUHK

Session I: Innovation in Asia: 14:10 - 16:00
[Left] Prof. Kin Chung HO (Open Univ. of HK) “Creating an Innovation Space in HK”, [Right] Prof. Takahiro MIYAO (Tsukuba Univ. & USC) “New Opportunities for IT Innovation and Entrepreneurship” - Right Photo from Facebook

[Left] Ms. Elaine ANN (Kaizor Innovation) “What Can Bruce Lee Teach Us About Innovation for HK”, [Right] Panel Discussion: Moderator, Prof. Walter MOK (CUHK & Stanford Univ.) -- Right Photo from Facebook

Session II: Keynote Address & TI Town Hall Meeting: 16:30-19:00
[Left] Ir Allen YEUNG (Gov. Chief Info Officer) “HK: Hub of IT Innovation in Asia”, [Right] Hon. Charles MOK, JP (HK, Legislative Councillor) “Creating a Bright Future for HK IT Industry”

Town Hall Discussion: Moderator, Prof. Walter MOK (CUHK & Stanford Univ.)

Conference Website:
Conference Facebook:

Hong Kong as Asia's innovation center a la Silicon Valley in the global economy -- that is what outsiders like me might as well expect of this economically vibrant city, which is often ranked number one in international competitiveness and IT infrastructure.
However, surprisingly, at least to me, almost all the speakers at this year's Opportunity Conference at CUHK addressed various problems and obstacles that young people in Hong Kong are facing in trying to start new business as entrepreneurs, much like what I hear about entrepreneurship, or lack of it, in Japan.
It looked like everyone in Hong Kong was doing "soul-searching" and asking what innovation should be of the people, by the people and for the people of Hong Kong, as surprisingly few new ideas and innovations are coming out of this technologically advanced city.
After all, it comes down to the obvious fact that it is not the existing technology or the current standard of living, but the "ecosystem" and "culture" of risk taking for active human interaction and open exchange of ideas to produce innovations and entrepreneurship, which tend to be lacking even among most advanced regions across East Asia, and Hong Kong is no exception.
Having said this, I strongly feel that many young people in Hong Kong seem to be taking a step forward to be true entrepreneurs through excellent entrepreneurship programs at HK's business schools like the one at CUHK. Hopefully, those small steps by individuals will eventually amount to a giant leap for Hong Kong to become a true innovation center in the global economy in the near future.
(Reported by Takahiro Miyao)
世界経済におけるシリコンバレーのような役割を果たすアジアのイノベーションセンター香港 --- これが私のようなアウトサイダーが持つ香港のイメージであり、それはしばしば国際競争力やITインフラのレベルで世界一にランクされる経済的に繁栄するこの都市に期待するものでもある。
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