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Stanford Seminar on” Immigration Policies”: スタンフォード・セミナー「移民政策について」 [Report]

Stanford OpenXChange Seminar: "Learning About Immigration Policies"

Title タイトル: "Learning Together About Immigration Policies & Experiences"
Panelists パネリスト :
Shanto Iyengar, Chair in Communication, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Political Communication Laboratory
Ana Minian, Assistant Professor, Department of History and the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity (CCSRE)
Greg Walton, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
Date/Time 日時: May 12(Th) 15:30-17:00
Venue 場所: Branner Hall Lounge, Stanford
Website ウェブサイト:
Sponsored by 主催: OpenXChange, CCSRE, El Centro Y Chicano, Immigrants' Rights Law Clinic, Stanford Humanities Center, SIG, Stanford Law School

Panel at the Seminar in Branner Hall Lounge: セミナーでのパネリストのプレゼン
Report (English/Japanese):
At this interactive seminar, three panelists specializing in history and policy of immigration presented their views and analyses on the highly controversial issue, especially in the current presidential election year.
Reflecting their disciplines, their presentations and subsequent discussions tended to emphasize a close link between the immigration issue and racial problems within the context of US politics and policy choices, thus often resulting in rather short-term fluctuations in public interest and enthusiasm in this issue, as some panelist pointed out.
What is missing in this seminar as well as public discussion in the US seems to be the analysis and understanding of long-term cost and benefit of immigration, especially in economic terms, from the national and international viewpoint.
(Reported by T. Miyao)
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