経済教育ネットワーク年次大会:NEE Annual Meetings [Report]

経済教育ネットワーク年次大会:NEE Annual Meetings
日時:2007年3月17日(土)10:00-15:50; March 17, 2007
会場:日本大学経済学部7号館:Econ Dept., Nihon University

開会挨拶、小梛治宣日本大学教授: 基調講演、篠原総一NEE代表
Opening Address, Prof. Onagi: Keynote Speech, Prof. Shinohara

Experimental Class by Mr. Saegusa: Beef Bowl Shop Simulation

Prof. Kurihara, Prof. Otake, Mr. Rikimaru, Ms. Shono, Mr. Hotate

参加者の様子: Participants

After brief opening remarks by Prof. Soichi Shinohara (Head, NEE) and Prof. Harunobu Onagi (Nihon Univ.), a keynote speech was given by Prof. Shinohara, who emphasized the importance of "messages" in economic education for the purpose of educating pupils to be good citizens in modern society. After the speech, a Q&A session took place regarding how to choose appropriate topics for economic education.
Then, the general meeting was held to approve the budget and activity reports as well as the revised fiscal year cycle (9/1-8/31) and the date for the next annual meetings (9/15/2007).
In the first afternoon session, Mr. Saegusa (Meguro Chuo Middle School) gave an experimental class by using a revised version of “Beef Bowl Shop Simulation” with more factors and flexibility in decision-making.
In the second afternoon session, a panel discussion was held, led by Prof. Kurihara (Shinshu Univ.) as the coordinator, with three panelists, Mr. Kikimaru (Yokohama-ichiritsu Ichiba Middle School), Ms. Masuno (Otsuma Middle-High School) and Mr. Hotate (Tokodaki-fuzoku Kagaku-gijutsu High School), who explained about their approaches and materials to attract pupils’ attention to such economic topics as corporate stocks, income distribution, industry and corporate management, etc. . Then, Prof. Otake (Osaka Univ.), as the commentator, pointed out that some more ideas may be needed to teach pupils about social implications of the topics and episodes that are taken up in class.
Then, a lively discussion followed, and continued at the party in the reception room.